?How to take a decision as a leader

Taking a decision is considered one of the most dangerous tasks for you as a leader because it will lead to results that will affect your organization positively or negatively and in both cases, you will take the responsibility for your decision.

So we here will discuss some strategies and steps you can use to help you make better and faster decisions to be able to take advantage of business opportunities and avoid wrong decisions that will lead to project failure.

1- Take a step back

As a leader moving one step back is sometimes the best way to move forward. When you are facing a problem, step back and think about its full context. Try to see the issue from as many perspectives as possible. That will help ensure you are not emphasizing one aspect and neglecting others.

2- Think as if you are an advisor

Thinking alone will get you lost in your head, so you can imagine that your friend is facing your problem and he comes to you to advise him to find a solution and think about what you might say in return. This way will help you understand what an outsider’s perspective might be. Because you’re in the middle of a situation, your views are distorted, but on the outside, you might see things differently.

3- Use Pro and Con Lists

Pros and cons lists are an old school, but it still works. If you are confused between two options, you should make two lists for each; on one side, you’ll have all the benefits of an option and on the other, you’ll have all the negatives. This can help you think through predicting all the consequences whether they are positives or negatives and help you visualize the generally best candidate.

Finally, as a leader, you should know that making decisions is not easy. And it takes time. Empower yourself to become a better observer, find opposing information, question experts, and become an expert yourself.

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