How can PMP certification make your career jump?

PMP Certifications are becoming an important factor that helps in increasing the chance of success in all projects, so all employers are looking for certified leaders who combine theoretical knowledge and practical experience to lead and manage their projects effectively.
If you do a quick search on a platform like LinkedIn, you will find that the majority of available project manager positions need him to be PMP certified. In the same context, there are many companies requires you to get PMP certification to be able to get promoted.
So here we explain why the PMP certification is so desirable in the current job market and attractive to employers:

Learn a common language

As a project manager, you likely spend the vast majority of your time communicating. And very often, your team members will differ from project to project. The ability to speak a common business language, therefore, helps ensure you are on the same page as your team members, sponsor, program manager, etc. For example, those with their PMP certifications know the difference between a Procurement Audit and a Procurement Performance Review, and when to conduct each. Or the difference between qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, total float versus free float, and so on.

Have an attractive resume

PMP certification can beef up a resume and can make the difference between getting a job as a project manager and being passed over in favor of someone else (likely someone who is PMP certified). What’s more, many employers require PMP certification of their project managers, and will not hire non-certified project managers. Having the credential will certainly make it easier to find a job as a project or program manager.

Earn Higher Salaries

Once you get past the resume screen, there’s a good chance that (if hired) you’ll earn more with the certification than you would without it. A survey by PMI revealed that project managers with a PMP certification are getting a higher salary than those without one.
The PMI report found that project management professionals in the United States earned a median salary of $111,000 per year with a PMP certification. In comparison, the median compensation of project managers without the certification was $91,000—that’s $20,000 less a year.
Finally, you should know that you don’t need your PMP to be a project management professional, but it can help you land a job more easily and will likely result in higher compensation for the time and effort invested.

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