5 ways to be a great leader

Becoming a successful leader isn’t something that happens in a few days, but it requires being good role models, a knowledgeable person in your career and deserves to be respected.

Even if you read tons of leadership articles, it can still feel like a colossal task.

We understand.

So we put together this rules to teach you exactly how to be a good leader that employees will love working with.

  • Encourage creativity

There were times when you rewarded employees monetarily or with recognition when they finished a task on a project. That’s always expected in the workplace. Yet, by rewarding task completion, you can make a subtle suggestion that I expected employees not to finish things on time. Instead, you can reward them for finding workarounds, thinking creatively, finishing early, and working out of the box.

  • Give your feedback

Let your team know what they’re doing well and what needs further improvement.

  • Earn your team’s trust

If you want to improve your leadership, you should learn how to build the trust in your team. When people feel that you trust them they trust you back. As a leader you need to be able to take responsibility for your actions and be accountable for your choices, today people want leaders they can trust, they want to know that trust is a two-way street. The best proof of leadership is trust.  People want to follow leaders who are trustworthy–those whose behavior is genuine and who never leave others guessing.

  • Admit your mistakes

Not admitting your mistakes came from a sense of superiority and pride. You thought that you are the leader so you must be right. It’s totally wrong. Leadership is a servant role. And like anyone in business, you are never going to have all of the answers. If there’s something you’re not good at, admit it, and work on it.

  • Communicate as efficiently as possible

It’s not enough to communicate with your team leads to “best practices” and “company direction” but, you should demonstrate the ideas instead. You should have helped team members reach goals and paved the way for them by my example. Make your expectations and feelings clear, in the appropriate medium as often as possible.

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